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A remote prioritization of product backlog

During the COVID pandemic, the best way to help a customer in another state in the country to prioritize their backlog was to do this remotely. 

A wall of glass with some post-its. Some tables and chairs are shown on background through the glass.
Helping to low energy lost

I was part of a team of designers who helped a subsidiary of a large multinational in the energy area to reduce their losses by more than 20%.

Three people taking part of a user validation session of a project which I've made part
A validation process

The validation stage in the projects I work on is an important stage. In this case (which is anonymized due to NDA issues), we had a short deadline for delivering an MVP and a design testing stage had been disregarded by the sponsor.

More than design screens, I work for solve complex problems

Some screens of the prototype in high fidelity of the checkin mobile system
A mobile system for when you need it most

Think about this. You go to a hospital with a huge migraine. All you want is to be taken care of and let that pain leave you alone. But instead, you have to give a lot of information about where do tou live, you health insurance number e things like that. Sometimes you need to wait for you insurance to allow before you to be assisted. It’s this situation which we need to work to get better.

A screen of the prototype in high fidelity of a EHR system which I've worked
Take care of who take care us

To be a healthcare professional is already complicated. They don’t need to have a complicated system to deal with.

Some artifacts generated for healtchare form builder application
A form builder for healthcare people

I, Daniela Falcone and a multidisciplinary team past for many design steps to create a What You See Is What You Get form builder designed for doctors and nurses with restricted computer skills to create their own care protocols.