More about me

Hi there! I’m a brazilian product and interaction designer, living in Portugal, with a Marketing and Advertising degree and a specialized in Design for Digital Solutions focused on solve complex problems.

During more than 12 years I’ve been part of multidisciplinary teams and embracing the challenge of help to solve problems in areas as diverse as public and private health, customer service, energy, education, e-commerce, considering both the production of digital products and the entire flow of services around that, in order to help people obtain the best experiences.

I’m able to express myself in portuguese, spanish and english (I tried to learn some Dutch, but so far I’ve failed miserably).

Although I started my career well focused on interaction, today I’m more focused to understand people’s needs and help to prioritize what is important until they are satisfied and are able to perform their tasks. For this I use decision tree techniques, jobs to be done, facilitating Design Sprints and co-creation methods that help people to show us what they need and want.

For the important step of creating a prototype that helps to validate the solutions, I have already worked with a range of tools ranging from pen and paper to Sketch, Figma, Axure, Adobe Creative Cloud, In Vision and other electronic prototyping. With the artifacts generated, I work with the team to validate the solution (in person or remotely – after all, we live in post-covid-19 times). And it doesn’t end there. I follow the team until the final delivery. Because we are on this journey together.

To know a little bit more about some jobs which I had a role and how I could to contribute, go to home and take a look in some projects.