Helping to low energy lost

I was part of a team of designers who helped a subsidiary of a large multinational in the energy area to reduce their losses by more than 20%. The project lasted about three months and have stages of immersion research, desk research, co-creation based on Design Sprint method, prototyping and solution validation. After this project, the customer contracted a series of innovation by design projects with CESAR. But how did it all happen? Let’s do it by steps.

At first we went to know closer the problem. How people dealt with it. And, as always is crystal clear when you do research, the problem was different that we had imagined.

A person work in a computer with 2 screens. A window and the view of the street in background.
I was there taking this photo while this person showed her work process to recover electric energy

So we selected two challenges on process for recover electric energy for work in Design Sprints. Our team had 4 designers and we recruited employees of the company for take part in two intense weeks.

Some sketches in a grey wall.
Some sketches generated by the team along one of Design Sprints

We performed mapping, sketching, decision, prototype and validation steps in each sprint and this helped us to propose changes in the processing flow of cases of lost energy.

For NDA issues is not possible share prototypes generated on Axure RP and Adobe XD that will support the changes on proccess of the energy company.

I described a little bit of this process, in portuguese, in a CESAR Medium publication.