A mobile system for when you need it most

Think about this. You go to a hospital with a huge migraine. All you want is to be taken care of and let that pain leave you alone. But instead, you have to give a lot of information about where do tou live, you health insurance number e things like that. Sometimes you need to wait for you insurance to allow before you to be assisted. It’s this situation which we need to work to get better.

We start with a process of getting to know the users, working with them to provide a solution that everyone can use. With the team I did a cycle of user research and from the collected data the insights were categorized, becoming user stories.

Insights categorized
A business plan drew on witheboard.
First version of business plan

After facilite a creation of a business plan with the product and business team, the MVP version was defined, prototyped in low and high fidelity version and validated. UI assets was generated by Adobe CC and made available for dev team by Zeplin. As long the team as developing the first version, I made support for dev team and work been designing on next versions.

Today the system are in a production version in some private hospitals on Latin America.