Take care of who take care us

To be a healthcare professional is already so complicated to have a complicated system to deal with.

With that in mind, we started to think about the new format of what has now been elected the best electronic medical record in Latin America for four consecutive times according to the North American research and insights institute, KLAS.

We want to turn a lot of information to people who save lives in a lot of organized information.

If you’ve ever seen an electronic medical record, you know how much information is there and how vital it is.

This is the previous main screen and we knew that we need to do it better

We had a mission to gather a series of information that was spread on paper and in different systems and bring it to a single system, where each professional profile – doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, among others – could prioritize exactly what they needed without hurting patients’ privacy rights.

Main patient’s dashboard

There were a number of issues that were taken into account when carrying out the research with users, such as, for example, the sensitivity for sharing patient data and having a design team in a place as sensitive as an operating room.
There was also a technological barrier to be overcome as the dev team had been working with Adobe Flex, a technology that was about to stop being supported by the main market browsers.

Drag to compare version Adobe Flex with the version HTML designed

In addition, it was necessary to overcome some conflicts between the information that hospitals and health plans needed and what doctors were willing to do, since some necessary validations could slow down the process of caring for people.
After many interview sessions, a series of processes for co-creating, prototyping and validating the solution made it possible to deliver a first phase of the product.
It was hard work that I am proud to have been a part of.