A form builder for healthcare people

I, Daniela Falcone and a multidisciplinary team past for many design steps to create a What You See Is What You Get form builder designed for doctors and nurses with restricted computer skills to create their own care protocols.

To understand

The project started due to the many complaints the support team received and usually ended up with the dev team making workarounds to fix bugs and deliver what the user wanted (but not exactly needed). Of course this approach delivered an app full of misused tools, bugs, performance glitchs, and a lot of trouble to the support team.
So, we sat down with all of them (devs and support) to hear why they made the decisions they did when creating the current tool.
We started analyzing an always-increasing-never-implemented requirements list. To understand it, we mapped the 4 different user profiles (proto-personas) and then talked to them and listened the different perspectives of the platform problems and priorities. With that, we made a priority list and the use flows of each case (current, new or both), as well as a priority focus for the design project, which focused on novice users but valued features over easiness of use.

Some artifacts generated on research and ideation phases: flows, personas, support to decision matrix and insights for research.
Some artifacts generated on research and ideation phases
The main form builder interface design by me and Daniela
Form builder interface
Document explorer window created by me and Daniela
Document Explorer
New Document Window
New Document Window
The boolean builder interface in detail, designed by me and Daniela.
The boolean builder

In this project we had opportunity for to do research, co-crearion workshops, prototype process and validation with user, besides to keep support to dev team as long it was in development process. Today the Studio form builder is an important part of a portfolio of products from a multinational company that produces healthcare software and ins in production in some hospitals on Latin America.